Peony Command Performance


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Peony Command Performance is a regal and commanding flower that boasts an aura of elegance. Command Performance stands out with its majestic presence and striking flame-red colour. It is known for its sturdy and robust stems, which provide excellent support to the large and heavy blooms! Ensuring that the flowers remain proudly upright which makes them perfect for floral arrangements or as a proud centrepiece in the summer garden.

Changing colours on Command Performance:
When the Command Performance peony first unfurls its magnificent blooms, it displays rich and vibrant deep red petals that command attention. The initial colour is intense and bold, creating a striking visual impact in any garden or floral arrangement.

However, as the flowers mature, a remarkable phenomenon occurs. The crimson hues gradually soften and change, transitioning into delicate shades of pink. The vibrant red petals gracefully fade, revealing a charming and subtle blush that adds an enchanting touch to the peony's allure. This stunning colour transformation of Peony Command Performance brings an element of surprise and intrigue to the plant's display.

It presents an ever-changing palette of colours, showcasing the full spectrum of its beauty throughout its flowering period. Whether in the early stages of its vibrant red glory or in the later stages of its soft and elegant pink phase, Peony Command Performance never fails to captivate and inspire with its evolving colours. It is a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of nature itself, allowing you to experience the joy of witnessing a living work of art unfold before your eyes.

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  • Height: 90cm
  • Peony type: Hybrid, medium to large single flowering peony 
  • Blooms from late spring to early summer

Planting information

- Dig a hole to the required depth. You can find this required depth for each type of bulb, tuber or root in the growing guides.

- Depth is measurement of space between the soil line and top of bulb or bare root.

- Set the bulbs or bare root in place, pointed side or sprout side upward.

- Cover the bulbs by replacing the soil and water thoroughly.

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Bulbs that are planted in spring and have a tendency to bloom in summer are called spring bulbs. Not to be confused with bulbs that are planted in autumn and bloom in spring.


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