Ornithogalum is an old name meaning ‘bird’s milk’ and is derived from two Greek words - ornithos, which means bird and gala which means milk. The phrase ‘bird’s milk’ was used to describe something wonderful or rare in ancient Greek times. A member of the Hyacinth family, pretty Ornithogalum is also known under many other names such as Arabian Starflower, Star of Bethlehem, Sun Star, Wonder Flower and even the rather marvellous ‘chincherinchee’. Extremely easy to look after and incredibly rewarding, lovely Ornithogalum bulbs are a treat for any gardener – seasoned or novice. Buy top-sized Ornithogalum bulbs from DutchGrown and see why these easy-going lovelies are becoming increasingly popular in drfts and beds, containers and vases

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Where to plant Ornithogalum bulbs

Ornithogalum bulbs really come into their own when planted in large drifts, and will transform your garden or landscape into a beautiful carpet of low-growing lush foliage topped with a profusion of pretty, white, star-shaped flowers. Ornithogalum bulbs look great growing at the foot of deciduous trees and shrubs, and are also a superb choice for containers and window boxes. In fact, many
gardeners prefer to plant ornithogalum bulbs in pots, where their spread and growth can be contained easily. Ornithogalum bulbs favour full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil.

Making the most of your Ornithogalum bulbs

When planting Ornithogalum bulbs, it is advisable to space them roughly 15cm apart as each plant will make many bulblets. Once planted in their happy spot, Ornithogalum bulbs require very little after care and will go on to reward you with an abundance of clusters of pretty white flowers year after year. Ornithogalum flowers are known for their delightful fragrance and they also make
fantastic cut flowers. Not only do they look and smell wonderful they can last up to an incredible 3 weeks in a floral arrangement or bouquet.

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