Hyacinths are beautifully fragranced Spring flowers that come in a riot of cheery colours including blue, purple, yellow, pink and white. These bold spikes of jewel-like florets have been captivating gardeners and horticulturists since the 17th century. Never out of fashion, hyacinth bulbs are just as at home in a pot indoors during Winter, as they are gracing Springtime beds and borders. Explore the beautiful and fragrant range of the DutchGrown hyacinth bulb collection, where you can buy top-quality varieties at wholesale prices for your perfect spring display.

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Hyacinths, with their vibrant blooms and intoxicating fragrances, are beloved by gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. However, despite their popularity, questions about these springtime beauties often arise. 

Hyacinths: The star of scented gardens

Known for their sweet scent, Hyacinth flowers are often referred to as nature's perfume. Their compact size makes them ideal for containers, pots, and bowls. Mass planting in borders is also a good choice for Hyacinths. These flowers come in vibrant colours like blue, yellow, pink, and purple. 

The Hyacinth is both an indoor plant and an outdoor plant. Hyacinth bulbs can be grown indoors. You can force them to flower early indoors, especially over the winter. After flowering, indoor Hyacinths can be planted outside in a garden, where they will bloom the following spring, although they may not achieve the same initial splendour. At DutchGrown™, we select only the strongest bulbs on the market in all available colour variations.

The bulb for the perfect springtime display

Hyacinth bulbs are ideal companions for other spring flowers. Blooming simultaneously with daffodils and early varieties of tulips, the bold, compact spikes of Hyacinth flowers enhance the taller, leaner blooms of these springtime classics, creating a stunning landscape display. 

When you plant Hyacinths in pots, the bulbs can be spaced more closely than in the ground since they don't need room to multiply. Additionally, hyacinth bulbs are popular for creating indoor flower displays, adding vibrant colour and fragrance to your home. Planting these spring bulbs alongside other plants will enhance your garden's visual appeal.

What is the ideal planting time for Hyacinths?

Hyacinth flowers have spring-blooming bulbs. That’s why they are typically planted in the autumn, ideally around October to November, before the ground freezes. Planting during this time allows the bulbs to establish roots before winter, so they can bloom during early spring. Learn more about how to grow Hyacinths through our blogs. In this article, we have included more details about which soil to use, how much sun Hyacinths need, the necessary garden setting, and many more tips.  

How deep should Hyacinth bulbs be planted?

Proper planting depth is crucial for the successful growth and blooming of Hyacinths. The general rule of thumb is to plant Hyacinth bulbs at a depth approximately twice the bulb's height. Planting at the correct depth ensures the bulbs are adequately protected from temperature fluctuations and stabilises the emerging stems.

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