Ixia bulbs are easy to grow! If you need a colourful addition to a flower bed that gets hot afternoon sun, you might want to try growing Ixia bulbs. Ixias are commonly called wand flowers, cornflowers, or African corn lily. 

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  1. Ixia Mixed

    Ixia Mixed

    From £6.25

  2. Ixia Pink

    Ixia Pink

    From £5.25

  3. Ixia White

    Ixia White

    From £5.25

  4. Ixia Yellow

    Ixia Yellow

    From £4.75

  5. Ixia Purple

    Ixia Purple

    From £4.75

  6. Ixia Red

    Ixia Red

    From £4.75