Muscari (Grape Hyacinths)

Muscari, commonly known as grape hyacinths, are very popular early-flowering spring bulbs. The name muscari comes from the Greek word for musk, due to the musky sweet scent from the flowers, and their common name comes from the resemblance of the clusters of the small, fat, bell-shaped flowers to upside-down bunches of grapes. Famed and prized for their intense cobalt blue colour, muscari bulbs are also available in other shades of blue as well as pinks and white.

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Muscari bulbs for sale throughout the centuries

Muscari bulbs have been cultivated by botanists and horticulturists for several hundred years. Native to the Mediterranean region, where more than 50 varieties can be found, by the mid-16th century these gorgeous botanical jewels – also known as Pearls of Spain - were adorning gardens throughout Europe, and have become firm Springtime fixtures ever since.  At DutchGrown we have carefully selected only the best grape hyacinth bulbs available, guaranteeing top performance.

Grape hyacinth bulbs – the most versatile Spring bulb

There are many reasons that make grape hyacinth bulbs so popular, not least the fact that they are among the easiest to grow, least demanding and most rewarding of all spring bulbs. These pocket rockets require very little attention, naturalise easily and will come back year after year, increasing in number. Muscari bulbs are also extremely versatile, their gorgeous blooms will brighten up any rock garden, add a pop of colour under trees, or create a carpet of colour in a lawn. Grape hyacinths also make fabulous border plants as well as superb container flowers, and brighten up any Spring bouquet. They are often grown as underplanting for tulips and daffodils, the muscari flower spikes contrasting well with the rounder shapes of these larger blooms.

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