Daffodils & Narcissus

One man’s narcissus is another man’s daffodil. Basically, narcissus is the botanical name, and daffodil the general term, and whilst some might argue the veracity of one term over the other, it seems that everybody can agree that daffodils, narcissi or even daffadowndillies, are the perfect spring flower. Extremely reliable and very easy to grow, these cheerful Springtime favourites may be most famous for their sunny yellow blooms, but daffodil bulbs are also available in a surprising range of other colours including white, peach, apricot and even pink. Explore the beauty of the DutchGrown™ narcissus bulb collection, where you can buy top-quality varieties for your perfect spring display.

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A daffodil bulb for every taste and style

There are a staggering 13,000 different daffodil and narcissus bulbs available. But don’t worry, at DutchGrown we have done the legwork for you and have carefully selected only the finest varieties and supply only the highest quality daffodil bulbs, guaranteeing optimal performance. Whether you favour the more traditional trumpet daffodil or fancy experimenting with a more exotic double, frilled or bicolour narcissus, DutchGrown has a daffodil or narcissus bulb for all tastes and styles. 

Daffodil bulb – the gift that keeps on giving

It isn’t just their cheery looks that have made daffodils one of the most popular flowering plants. Daffodil bulbs are exceptionally easy to grow, and these hardy perennials will come back year after year, spreading – and naturalising if they find themselves in their happy spot – bringing sunshine to even the gloomiest of days. They also have a long blooming time, with a number of cultivars flowering for several weeks.

Buy top-quality daffodil and narcissus bulbs for shipping to the UK and Europe

At DutchGrown we have four generations of experience under our belt and have proven ourselves to be the number one choice for anyone looking to buy daffodil and narcissus bulbs, whether you are looking to buy bulk or wholesale daffodil bulbs for large landscaping projects, or more modest numbers for gardens, patios or containers and window boxes. Whatever your needs, you will find the narcissus bulbs for sale at DutchGrown are of the highest quality, and we only supply top-sized bulbs, ensuring optimum performance. Enjoy our amazing collection which includes jonquils and paperwhites as well as many unique varieties and carefully curated collections. Buy your daffodil bulbs with DutchGrown for shipping to the UK and Europe for Autumn planting!