Plenty of dahlias to choose from! - a haven for UK gardeners seeking to elevate their flower beds with over 85 different dahlia varieties. From pastels to jewel tones, we offer quality Size-1 tubers to ignite your passion for gardening and create enchanting floral wonderlands. Grow classic dahlia favorites like 'Café au Lait' and unique dahlias like 'Caramel Antique'.

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Dahlia Tubers

Tubers, Nature's Energy Vaults: Dahlia tubers are not just dormant bulbs; they are energy-packed storage organs that fuel the growth of magnificent blooms. Gardeners marvel at how these unassuming structures transform into vibrant, show-stopping flowers. What else is there to know about dahlias?

  • Dahlia Diversity: With thousands of dahlia cultivars available, gardeners have an incredible array of shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from. Whether you prefer compact pompoms or dinner-plate-sized blooms, there's a dahlia tuber suited to every taste and style.
  • Planting Rituals: When planting dahlia tubers, some gardeners follow unique traditions, such as planting on a specific moon phase or using special blessings for a bountiful harvest. These rituals add an element of enchantment to the gardening experience.
  • Soil Alchemists: Dahlia tubers thrive in well-draining soil, but they are also quite adaptable. Gardeners have learned to tailor soil conditions to coax out the best performance from their dahlias, experimenting with compost, sand, and other amendments.
  • Overwintering Wonders: Dahlia tubers exhibit an amazing survival strategy. In colder climates, gardeners carefully lift and store tubers over winter to protect them from freezing temperatures, ensuring they'll reawaken for another season of splendour.
  • Propagation Magic: Experienced gardeners can multiply their dahlia collection through division. By carefully dividing the tubers during dormancy, they create new plants with the exact genetic makeup of the parent, preserving the unique characteristics they love.
  • Dahlia Foodies: Just like humans have favourite foods, dahlias have preferences too! Gardeners experiment with various fertilisers to provide the perfect nutrients that fuel healthy growth and bloom production.
  • Pests and Predators: While dahlias are generally hardy, they can sometimes fall prey to pests like aphids, slugs, or spider mites. Gardeners employ creative strategies, like introducing ladybirds, to maintain an eco-friendly balance in their gardens.
  • The Dahlia Language: Victorian flower enthusiasts assigned symbolic meanings to different flowers, and dahlias were often associated with elegance and dignity. This historical significance adds an extra layer of charm for gardeners who love these blooms.
  • Dahlia Therapy: Gardening with dahlia tubers isn't just a hobby; it's a therapeutic escape for many gardeners. Cultivating these beautiful flowers provides a sense of accomplishment, serenity, and a connection to nature that nurtures the soul.