Delphiniums (Larkspurs)

Discover our assortment of Delphiniums, also known as Larkspur, exclusively crafted for British gardens! These splendid perennial plants make an ideal complement to any garden or flower border, providing a vibrant display of tall, eye-catching blooms in a variety of striking hues. Our delphiniums are dispatched as bare roots.

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Delphiniums (Larkspurs)

Our collection of larkspur delphiniums offers a diverse array of hues, from blues and purples to pinks and whites, ensuring a perfect match for your garden. These hardy and low-maintenance plants thrive in cool climates and well-drained soil, returning year after year to grace your garden with their vibrant colors. Whether you desire a captivating garden display or a stunning flower bed, our Delphinium collection guarantees delightful choices.

Tips and intriguing facts for cultivating exquisite Delphiniums in your UK Garden:

  • Bareroot Delphiniums, meaning devoid of soil around their roots.
  • Our bare root plants are propagated from root cuttings, enabling the growth of bareroot varieties.
  • Bareroot Delphiniums often offer an affordable alternative to potted plants.
  • After receiving bareroot Delphiniums, promptly plant them to prevent root dehydration.
  • Plant them in well-draining soil, ensuring thorough watering to establish strong roots.
  • Delphiniums thrive in full sun to partial shade and necessitate regular watering for their endurance.
  • They are resilient plants that can grace your garden year after year with proper care.
  • Delphiniums are beloved as ornamentals in gardens and flower beds and are also sought-after as cut flowers.
  • It's important to note that certain Delphinium species are toxic, requiring caution when grown near children and pets.
  • Delphiniums are renowned for their tall spikes of dazzling, brightly colored flowers, available in a range of captivating hues, including blue, purple, pink, and white.