Dependable, durable, and delightfully appealing to both sight and scent, phlox holds a special place as a beloved, easy-to-care-for choice among gardeners throughout the UK.

With their enduring blooms and remarkable ease of cultivation, Phlox stands out for gifting your garden with exquisite mid-summer hues, all without the fuss. We dispatch our phlox as bare roots during the spring season.

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Bare Root Phlox

  • Historic Heritage: Phlox, often termed "phlox divaricata," has been cherished by gardeners in the UK for centuries due to its timeless beauty and sweet fragrance.
  • Seasonal Arrival: These bare root wonders make their debut in early spring, just as the garden begins to awaken from its winter slumber.
  • Root Resilience: Don't be fooled by their seemingly vulnerable state – bare root Phlox boasts resilient root systems that quickly adapt and flourish once planted.
  • Hidden Potential: The seemingly dormant nature of bare root Phlox conceals a burst of potential, ready to unfold into vibrant blooms and lush foliage.
  • Cost-Effective Delight: Opting for bare root Phlox can be a cost-effective way to introduce a touch of elegance to your garden, as these young plants often establish themselves vigorously.
  • Planting Precision: With bare root Phlox, you have the advantage of planting precisely according to your garden's design, allowing you to create stunning arrangements with ease.
  • Early Bloomers: While it might take a little patience, Phlox rewards your anticipation with early summer blossoms, infusing your garden with colour and charm.
  • Root Establishment: Planted in the spring, these bare root treasures dedicate their initial energy to establishing strong root systems, setting the stage for years of lush growth.
  • Varietal Diversity: Phlox comes in an array of delightful hues, allowing you to curate a captivating palette that suits your garden's aesthetic.
  • Nurturing New Growth: Caring for Phlox requires a gentle touch – proper watering, well-draining soil, and a bit of love lead to hearty growth and stunning displays.
  • Enchanting Fragrance: The fragrant blooms of Phlox, which emerge from the bare root plants, attract pollinators and fill the air with a sweet, captivating aroma.
  • Year-Round Investment: Planting bare root Phlox contributes to a long-term investment, as these hardy plants can become beautiful perennial fixtures in your garden.
  • Natural Adaptation: The transition from bare root to blooming beauty showcases nature's resilience, a reminder of the remarkable journey that each plant undertakes.
  • Engaging Gardening Experience: Witnessing the growth of bare root Phlox offers a unique opportunity to observe the transformation from humble beginnings to a flourishing garden jewel.
  • Connect with Tradition: By planting bare root Phlox, you become part of a tradition that has been cherished by gardeners for generations, adding to the rich tapestry of UK gardening heritage.