We offer an extensive range of lily varieties and colours, allowing you to design a garden that truly reflects your unique style and vision. Revel in the stunning visual display and intoxicating fragrance of lilies as they enhance the allure of your outdoor haven. If you're searching for a fuss-free, trustworthy plant that offers striking colour from the very first year, you're in the right spot. Lilies grow rapidly, display a variety of vibrant hues, and generously grace your garden with profuse blossoms.

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  1. Roselily Anouska

    Roselily Anouska

    From £20.85

  2. Roselily Floretta

    Roselily Floretta

    From £20.85

  3. Roselily Angela

    Roselily Angela

    From £20.85

  4. Roselily Larissa

    Roselily Larissa

    From £20.85

  5. Lily Red Velvet

    Lily Red Velvet

    From £7.50

  6. Lily Lovely Day

    Lily Lovely Day

    From £8.25

  7. Lily Corsage

    Lily Corsage

    From £6.75

  8. Lily Zeba

    Lily Zeba

    From £11.85

  9. Lily Friso

    Lily Friso

    From £6.75

  10. Lily Yellow Power

    Lily Yellow Power

    From £4.35

  11. Lily Lotus Wonder

    Lily Lotus Wonder

    From £6.75

  12. Lily Pink Giant

    Lily Pink Giant

    From £5.25

  13. Lily Star Gazer

    Lily Star Gazer

    From £3.75

  14. Roselily Jasmina

    Roselily Jasmina

    From £17.85

  15. Lily Fusion

    Lily Fusion

    From £14.25

  16. Lily Pink County

    Lily Pink County

    From £5.25

  17. Roselily Celina

    Roselily Celina

    From £17.85

  18. Lily Tiger Babies

    Lily Tiger Babies

    From £6.45

  19. Lily Debby

    Lily Debby

    From £8.25

  20. Lily Foxtrot

    Lily Foxtrot

    From £6.75

  21. Lily Lady Alice

    Lily Lady Alice

    From £11.85