Anemones, also known as windflowers, are members of the buttercup family. These vibrant poppy-like flowers are a favourite among gardeners and florists alike, their jewel-coloured blooms enlivening any bed, border, garden or bouquet or floral display. Anemone bulbs come in a wide variety of colours including blue, purple, red, white – and even hot pink. 

Explore the beautiful range of the DutchGrown anemone bulb collection, where you can buy top-quality varieties for your perfect spring display.

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The DutchGrown range of anemones
At DutchGrown our extensive collection of anemone bulbs from Holland features the finest selection on the market, including proven winners such as Anemone Blanda Mixed, Anemone de Caen Mixed, Anemone St. Brigid, as well as the exclusive Anemone de Caen Sylphide which comes in a ravishing shade of hot pink. For anybody looking to buy anemones in the UK, look no further than DutchGrown. We carefully select only the highest quality and top-size anemone bulbs available, guaranteeing the best performance.

Anemones – the hardest working flower bulb 
Not content with just being one of the most striking Spring flowers out there, anemone bulbs are also one of the most hard-working and prolific. Flowering a mere 3 months after planting, these low maintenance and easy to grow bulbs bloom abundantly throughout the entire Spring season, often producing up to 20 flowers per bulb. One unusual aspect of these bulbs is that in order to get the most out of your anemone bulbs, you need to soak them in warm water for a few hours prior to planting.

Buy top-quality anemone bulbs for shipping to the UK and EU
At DutchGrown we have four generations of experience under our belt and have proven ourselves to be the number one choice for anyone looking for anemone bulbs for sale, whether you are looking to buy wholesale anemones for large landscaping projects, or more modest numbers for gardens. Whatever your needs, you will find the allium bulbs for sale at DutchGrown are of the highest quality, and we only supply top-sized bulbs, ensuring optimum performance. Enjoy our amazing selection which includes a number of unique varieties and some carefully curated collections.