Ice Cream Tulip Bulbs

All tulips are beautiful, but ice cream tulips take beauty to the next level. These garden delights really do look good enough to eat. This special variety is characterised by its distinctive central peony-like bloom emerging from pink petals. The centre doesn’t fully open, giving the impression of a scoop of delicious ice cream sitting in a pretty pink bowl. Ice cream tulips are a must for any tulip connoisseur, their whimsical beauty really is unrivalled. 

Take a look at the ice cream tulip bulbs available for sale at DutchGrown, and give your garden a delicious treat

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  1. Tulip Ice Cream

    Tulip Ice Cream

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    Tulip Blue Wow

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4 Types of Ice Cream Tulip Bulbs

Planting and caring for ice cream tulip bulbs

They may look exotic and high maintenance, but don’t be daunted, ice cream tulip bulbs are actually easy to grow and require relatively little attention. Plant your ice cream tulip bulbs at a depth of around 15cm (or 3 x the bulb height) in moist, well-drained soil in a sunny spot that is sheltered from strong winds, and let nature take its course. Ice cream tulips grow to a height of around 45cm making them an ideal choice for borders. They also grow well in pots and containers, creating a particularly eye-catching display, and are a stunning addition to bouquets and floral arrangements. 

Ice Cream tulip bulb varieties 

At DutchGrown we have two stunning varieties of ice cream tulip bulbs for sale. Tulip Ice Cream is a long-lasting, compact variety that starts off with strawberry pink petals, from the centre of which emerges a large peony-like white flower. The second variety is the delectable Ice Cream Banana. Starting off as a large green globe, Tulip Ice Cream Banana gradually changes to a purplish-pink colour, and then the yellow flower appears - looking just like a scoop of delicious banana ice-cream. The flowers on both varieties of ice cream tulip are huge.

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