Peony Buckeye Belle



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A beautiful, vibrant peony with a powerful fragrance. Layers upon layers of petals ooze glamour and opulence. Peony Buckeye Belle has a delicious and sultry deep scarlet colour with semi-double blooms.

One of the remarkable features of the Buckeye Belle is its strong, sturdy stems, which support the weight of the blossoms with ease. This ensures that the flowers remain upright and showcase their magnificence for an extended period. The plant grows to a height of about 60 to 90 centimeters, forming a compact bush with lush, healthy foliage that remains attractive even after the blooms have faded.

We ship large roots with 3 to 5 eyes, fresh from the Dutch growing fields. Newly planted Peonies seldom make a first-class show in their first season, instead reaching the top of their form in their second or third year. Having multiple eyes on the root increases the likelihood of successful establishment and ensures a more robust plant. It allows for the development of multiple stems and flowers, resulting in a fuller, more vibrant display. With each eye representing a potential new shoot, the chances of a thriving and long-lasting Buckeye Belle peony plant are significantly enhanced.

We ship Peony Buckeye Belle roots to the UK, bringing the beauty of these enchanting blooms to your doorstep! 

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  • Root size: 3/5 eyes!
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  • Peony 'Buckeye Belle' has won an APS Award of Landscape Merit in 2009 for its superior ornamental value and overall appearance!
  • Peony type: Hybrid Peony, semi-double
  • Height: up to 90cm

Planting information

· Plant your flower bulbs in autumn (October or November)

· Plant in borders or containers in sun or partial shade

· Plant the bulbs three times the size of the bulb deep

· Space the bulbs two times the size of the bulb apart

· Plant the bulbs with the pointed side facing upwards

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We start shipping our autumn planted bulbs by beginning of October. Once your order ships out you will receive an email with the tracking number.


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