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New Tulip Variety Named After King Charles III Unveiled at Keukenhof

New Tulip Variety Named After King Charles III Unveiled at Keukenhof

In a ceremonial event at the Keukenhof Gardens, Joanne Roper, the British Ambassador to the Netherlands, had the honour of naming a new tulip variety: the Tulipa 'King Charles III'.

This striking golden-yellow tulip has already made its way from the Netherlands to Herefordshire, where it has been planted in the gardens of Longmeadow, home to Monty Don and the setting for BBC Gardener’s World.

Tulip King Charles
Tulip King Charles III

The 'King Charles III' tulip is a creation by the tulip breeder Hybris and is a variant of the 'Rejoyce' tulip. This new tulip is expected to hit the export market by 2027/2028 and is suitable for both garden and pot cultivation.

Ambassador Roper said: “Tulips are perhaps the most famous symbol of the Netherlands and to name this tulip after His Majesty King Charles III is a wonderful way to emphasise the close ties between the UK and the Netherlands. I look forward to seeing this tulip in bloom, both in my own garden and at the world-famous Keukenhof.”

From left: Sandra Bechtholt (managing director Keukenhof), Joanna Roper (British ambassador to the Netherlands) and Patrick van Dijk (Keukenhof gardener)

Naming tulips after famous personalities or royalty is a cherished tradition in the Netherlands, often celebrated with great fanfare. This tradition highlights the cultural importance of tulips in Dutch society and their role in international diplomacy and recognition.

Here at Dutch Grown we can not wait to offer this tulip 'King Charles III' to our UK customers in the future!

Some interesting facts about naming tulips:

- In 1952, another royal tulip, Queen Elizabeth II, was registered with the Dutch General Bulb Growers’ Association (KAVB), by P. Nijssen and Sons. One of the Nijssen sons, P.J. Nijssen, went on to become one of the founders of Hybris B.V. in 1979.

- Naming ceremonies for tulips are significant events in the Netherlands, reflecting the country's long-standing passion for and expertise in tulip cultivation. These events are often attended by dignitaries and are a point of national pride.

- The tradition of naming tulips after notable figures dates back centuries. The tulip itself was once so valuable in the Netherlands that it sparked the infamous 'Tulip Mania' during the 17th century, where single bulbs were sometimes traded for entire estates.

- These specially named tulips not only celebrate Dutch cultural heritage but also act as ambassadors of Dutch horticulture around the world, fostering a connection between the Netherlands and other countries (in this case with the UK!)

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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